flex 💪🏻

Hello friends,

I am heartbroken that music-making at this moment is not what we want it to be. I know exactly how important it is to get together as a community and to express ourselves in our best way possible. Therefore, I am committed to providing FLEX 💪🏻 instrumentation for all of my large ensemble works (past & future). Please note that this will take TIME, and I ask that you all to be patient with me and my team. In the meantime, please let us know what your needs are.

Considering that finances are a bit tight at the moment, all works listed here will be on sale at 2/3rds cost. To further help with this, I am adopting a 90-day invoice plan on these orders so you can play now (and pay later).

With love,


Last Stage to Red Rock (flex) (2020)

Grade 1 FLEX 💪🏻


Ash (flex) (2020)

Grade 4 FLEX 💪🏻


Lichtweg/Lightway (flex) (2020)

Grade 4 FLEX 💪🏻


Sounds from the Gray Goo Sars-CoV-19 (2020)

Grade 4 FLEX 💪🏻

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