2010 midwest composer symposium concert i preview

The Midwest Composers Symposium is coming to the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music! For those who don't know about this yearly event, read here:

The Midwest Composers Symposium is a consortium made up of the composition departments of four American Midwest Universities: The University of Cincinnati, Indiana University, and the Universities of Iowa and Michigan. The purpose is to allow students to have contact with other composers at nearby institutions, and to foster connections and self-identity. The Symposium began in 1948 by Anthony Donato of Northwestern University and originally Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa. For a few years during the 1960s, the symposium concerts ceased due to a change in academic calendars, but resumed in the early 1970s when most schools adopted the quarter system. Oberlin College joined at this point, and a few years later, Indiana University. Northwestern dropped out in 1992, and Illinois and Oberlin dropped out in 2007. The University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music joined the symposium for the first time in 2008.

Here is a preview of the pieces (with some links). (N.B. My piece The AquariumThe Silent World will be performed, and this time I am using piano mutes.)

Concert I

Friday, October 22, 2010

Corbett Auditorium

8 PM

Differences (2007) for saxophone quartet

Shane Hoose (University of Iowa) (b. 1985)

CCM Graduate Student Saxaphone Quartet

The Silent World (2010)

Jennifer Jolley (College-Conservatory of Music/University of Cincinnati) (b. 1981)

Café MoMus

Annunziata Tomaro, conductor

Ajax for saxophone solo/large ensemble

William Zuckerman (University of Michigan) (b.1988)

Café MoMus

Annunziata Tomaro, conductor

A Strange Mythography: Three Songs for Cy Twombly (2009)

I. Bacchus

II. Orpheus

III. Apollo

Danny Clay (CCM) (b. 1989)

CCM Chorale and Café MoMus

Dr. Brett Scott, conductor


Aerodynamics (2009-10)

Roger Zare (University of Michigan) (b. 1985)

CCM Wind Symphony

Rodney Winther, conductor

Coronary Dance (2008)

Eric Lindsay (Indiana University) (b. 1980)

CCM Wind Symphony

Rodney Winther, conductor

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