2010 midwest composer symposium concert iii preview

Here is the concert listing for the MCS Concert III.

Concert III

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Werner Recital Hall

2 PM

Twitch (2010)

Anthony Donofrio (Iowa) (b. 1981)

Rolando Jose Hernandez-Gaitan, flute

Marjorie Shearer, clarinet

Jacqueline Wilson, bassoon

Emily Rolka, violin

Yoo-Jung Chang, violoncello

Meghan Aube, marimba

Daniel Houglum, conductor

Sketches on Scars (2009)

Timothy Miller (Indiana) (b. 1981)

Ashley Booher, clarinet

Stephen Dorff, violoncello

Ethan Geller, percussion

Brian Mueller, percussion

il filosofi della collina (2009)

Katie Mueller (Michigan) (b. 1989)

Brandon Grimes, baritone

Katie Battistoni, guitar

Four Miniatures for Flute and Piano (2009)

Hojin Lee (CCM) (b. 1972)

Lindsay Leach, flute

Mark Tollefsen, piano

“Tape Piece” (2009)

David Trum (CCM) (b. 1988)

fixed-media stereo playback

“Orbits” from Gravitation (2009)

Chappell Kingsland (Indiana) (b. 1980)

Eric Bowling, amplified bass flute

Chappell Kingsland, piano

Gradation (2008/09)

Sangbong Nam (CCM) (b. 1979)

Junghye Shin, piano

Kyungwoo Kwon, violin

Sunhaeng Lee, cello

Ultra Violet (2010)

Michael-Thomas Foumai (Michigan) (b. 1987)

Jeremy Crosmer, cello

String Quartet (2010)

Bret Bohman (Michigan) (b. 1982)

Stephanie Bork, violin

Maggie Duggen, violin

Sherlock, Christine, viola

Jeremy Crosmer, violoncello

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