2010 midwest composer symposium concert iv preview

Before I give you the concert listing for the MCS Concert IV, this is a pathetic plug that Tyler Niemeyer will be performing How to be a Deep Thinker in Los Angeles. I don't have a preview video of a prior performance, but instead, watch Tyler and I jam (video at the end of the post).

Concert IV

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Werner Recital Hall

4 PM

Libera Me (2010)

Josh Whelchel (CCM) (b. 1987)

Sarah Tucker, soprano

Ryan Connely, tenor

Sarah Yaksic, clarinet

Cleo Leung, flute

Lindsay Kleiser, oboe

Rachel Denlinger, violin

Michael Nelson, violin

Ben Richards, viola

Titi Ayangade, cello

Christian Schlorman, double bass

Gonçalo Lourenço, conductor

How to be a Deep Thinker in Los Angeles (2009)

Jennifer Jolley (CCM) (b. 1981)

Tyler Niemeyer, percussion

The Open Circuit (2010)

Jeremy Podgursky (Indiana) (b. 1915)

Chappell Kingsland, piano

Music for Flute and Piano (2010)

Jason Gregory (Iowa) (b. 1976)

Nora Epping, flute

Youn-Jung Cha, piano

Die hohle Höhle (2009)

Melody Eötvös (Indiana) (b. 1984)

fixed-media - 5.1 surround playback

Flow (2009)

Aaron Perrine (Iowa) (b. 1979)

Joel Vanderheyden, alto saxophone

Cathy Boemler, piano

Cairo, I Love You (2010)

Donia Jarrar (Michigan) (b. 1986)

Donia Jarrar, piano

Justin Snyder, piano

Music for piano four-hands (2007)


II. Aggressive

Joshua Groffman (Indiana) (b. 1984)

Joshua Groffman, piano

Chappell Kingsland, piano

And the video...

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