31st birthday scrapbook

The Birthday Cake. It was sitting here the day before my birthday and all I could do was look at it. Seriously Paula Deen? You want me to wait three days before I can slice that thing?!


What did I do on my birthday? I slept in a little because I wasn't feeling completely well, taught a private theory lesson, and later that afternoon I drove to Diana's Dancewear because I decided I was too old for the full-sole ballet shoes that they give eight-year-olds to wear.*

HE-LLO new Gishko shoes!** I constantly sing the praises to these fantastic Russian shoes that magically mold my flat sad feet into something pointed and etherial.

And then I broke them in. While composing a piece in an hour.

See my ballet shoes?

Eh, why not compose a piece in an hour? I did this for New Music Hartford, and Nolan Stoltz, the guy who curated the previous concert, was doing it again at the University of South Dakota.

Do I write a birthday song? Maybe. I thought I'd stretch out the tune that was at the top of the Billboard charts when I was born, then added a trumpet tune over that. What I have below is the tape part.

starting over by jenniferjolley

Then it was time for cake.

Then baby octopuses.

Then sushi.

And…maybe a CCM Percussion Ensemble concert.


*Apparently I overcame my caterwauling over wearing pink tights and have been going to ballet class for over a year now. Who knew? I love it.

**I'm saying this the way Anne Burrell would.

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