34th Annual Bowling Green New Music Festival

Last week I was at the Bowling Green New Music Festival where I caught up with friends, new music, and found myself at a fantastic place called Insomnia Cookies that had this amazing peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. You know, the ice cream cookie sandwich had been my go-to snack almost every time I went to a Dodger game in the late 1990s/early 2000s…

I digress.

This year, instead of scanning the programs I crammed in my purse like last year, I thought I'd share some YouTube clips or recordings of pieces I enjoyed (if I could find them).

George Lewis's Anthem

(This was probably my favorite piece of the festival.)

And…that's all I could find online. Maybe videos of the other pieces I enjoyed will eventually pop up? Until then, I suppose I'll keep the programs in my purse?

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