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Accent10 Day 1

June 11, 2010

Accent10 got off to a great start today, with registration and orientation proceeding smoothly. Guest artist Jorja Fleezanis gave three master classes, covering orchestral solos and excerpts as well as contemporary chamber works by Accent10 participants Danny Clay and Josh Whelchel. Recurring topics were bow control, dynamics, and commitment to the meaning behind the music. Although the new music groups had rehearsed for the first time only hours before, they were able to make substantial progress both before and during the class. The Accent10 Orchestra read through Haydn's Drum Roll Symphony, and every member learned the importance of playing piano.

This evening saw the first in Accent10's concert series: the Faculty Chamber Music Recital. The concert was well attended and very well received. Performers included Ms. Fleezanis, both Quartets in Residence, two program assistants, and one artist volunteer.

The first day of Accent10 may have seemed busy and intense, but there's just as much planned for tomorrow! The day starts with an 8:30 warm-up session led by Won-Bin Yim, followed by two more master classes given by Ms. Fleezanis. These classes will cover orchestral excerpts, chamber works, and solo pieces. In the afternoon Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon is giving a master class. And in the evening, we'll be treated to the New Music Faculty Concert.

-Janet Carpenter, Accent10 Teaching Assistant

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