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Accent10 Day 2

More from Janet Carpenter:

Another busy day at Accent10! Dr. Yim started off the morning by demonstrating various bow control exercises. Ms. Fleezanis gave three more master classes on various repertoire, including the little-known cello sonata by George Crumb. There was also a discussion of new music as an integral part of the continuously evol...ving classical tradition. In the afternoon Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon gave a talk about the compositional process (complete with corresponding cartoons) and played excerpts from his operas. And in the evening we heard a wonderful concert of pieces by the CCM composition faculty. Performers included Accent10 teachers and students, as well as visiting artists. I think we're all looking forward to a bit more practice time today. (Then again, maybe not!) Most of the day consists of private lessons and chamber coachings. In the afternoon Alan Rafferty will give a master class on sound.

There was also a fantastic new music concert featuring the works from CCM faculty, mainly Mara Helmuth, Joel Hoffman, Miguel Roig-Francolí, Michael Fiday, Douglas Knehans, and guest composer Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon. The picture above is me with my laptop, a mixer, and one of the hemispherical speakers from (ccm)2. (This was part of Mara Helmuth's StringPaths.

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