And a Baci for Two!

This weekend my spouse and I went to Target to purchase a bocce ball set. The picture above shows a set that looks almost like the ones we purchased at Target, except our balls are green and black. (I attempted to take a picture of our actual bocce ball set, but this one looks so perfect and...sunny.)

I've never played this game before, and even though spring is oh-so-close to being here in Cincinnati, I am not planning on using this set for recreational use; I'm using it in my piece How to be a Deep Thinker in Los Angeles.

This is something my spouse added to the score. In the beginning of the piece, the percussionist is to crouch down and roll a bocce ball offstage. To test the sounds, my spouse and I took the bocce balls out of the box and rolled them around (while we were at Target) to make sure this was the sound we wanted.

How to be a Deep Thinker is being performed tonight, 8 PM at the Cohen Studio Theater.

Poster by Danny Clay.

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