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atlanta roadfood scrapbook

I have to admit, I was slightly more excited about eating my way to Atlanta than writing an opera in twenty-four hours. In fact, instead of having Veronica* dictate directions to my hotel, I had her direct me to different eateries in Lexington, Chattanooga, and Atlanta.


J.J. McBrewster's (Lexington, KY)—I heard about this place on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Network's website.

They even have mutton here.

Aretha Frakenstein's (Chattanooga, TN)—Also a Food Network find, this place made my eighties-childhood-self happy. Check out these lunch boxes.

And my table!

Breakfast for dinner is never a bad idea, especially with these pancakes. I had a short stack (about three inches high), and I couldn't finish the plate.

Friday (in Atlanta)

My love and I had lunch at Manuel's Tavern with Wes Flinn and the Missus. It was great to catch up (Wes taught my first theory class at CCM!). Alas, I have no pictures, but they have some tasty food at this historic establishment. According to the website,

"…the Tavern still bears the mark of [Manuel Maloof's] political and historic legacy. It is known as the place where Jimmy Carter first announced his intentions to run for governor in 1970. It is where Emory theologian Tom Altizer first talked about his theory that God was "dead." It is where L.A. Dodgers manager Tommy LaSorda, writer James Dickey, Senator Sam Nunn, actor Brian Dennehy, singer David Crosby, and Atlanta mayors Andrew Young, Maynard Jackson, and Shirley Franklin, and many, many more have dropped in through the years to meet patrons and discuss current affairs. Reminders of these events and more line the walls of every room of the Tavern, now more than 4,000 square feet large and still gathering crowds from every walk of life."


I was still recovering from my all-nighter, but I really wanted to have Korean fusion tacos from Hankook Taqueria. (Yes, this is an Alton Brown recommendation, but I heard the bibim-bap is tasty.) My love picked up some tacos.

(Yes, I had to use my cell phone camera to take this picture—I left mine in the composition room.)

Papi's Cuban and Caribbean Grill—Mary Mac's Tea Room barely closed by the time I wanted to have dinner, but I'm glad I had dinner at this place. Yay for Masitas de Puerco!


Mary Mac's Tea Room—I wasn't able to eat there the night before, but this doesn't prevent me from having fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, and okra. To quote Paula Deen, YUM.

*Yes, that's the name of my Blackberry. The voice for the Sprint Navigation application sounds like a Veronica.

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