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Augusta Read Thomas Shows Me MY LIFE in Pictures

I had a lesson with Augusta Read Thomas last week. Here's how it went.

ART likes to write tips or suggestions on paper during your lessons. I actually think this is a great idea, and I've already incorporated it into my private teaching practice.

This is the piece I showed her. Yes, I know you guys are cringing because I am writing a piece for 9 violas. According to some, this is a bad idea; many of my Facebook friends have already posted viola jokes on my wall. But I digress.

ART LOVES col legno battuto. So much so that she wrote a smiley face on her notes. This was the only smiley face she drew on the 4 (!!!) sheets of paper she used.

She was really into percentages.

And she did ask what my piece was about.

This sadly reminded me of Schenker class.

She also told me I needed to listen to more music; I completely agree. Some of my friends wanted that listening list, so here it is.

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