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before the rapture comes, watch this

When I tell audience members the title for my collection of electro-acoustic pieces (Sounds from the Gray Goo, or SftGG), they have no idea what "gray goo" is. And then when I describe the end-of-world-everyone-is-doomed scenario of nanorobots self-replicating to the point of drowning our civilization in "gray goo," they think I've lost it.

Maybe I have. What originally began as a simple experiment in a live electronic music class, "Sounds from the Gray Goo 1.0" for one percussionist has now replicated itself a few times over, including this version (1.01) for four percussionists. (Other versions include SftGG 2.0, 2.01, 2.1, and 2.11, all of which are separate distinct pieces.)

There could be more. I'm entertaining the idea of developing separate SftGG pieces for violas, cello, and toy piano. In the meantime, enjoy this fantastic performance where my percussionists throw stuff on the floor.

Want to see this piece performed again? With the same percussionists? Live?! Contribute to They Came...from the FUTURE!!! and support my players. So far, we've raised $220, which is a little over...10% of my goal. I only have twelve days left to make my goal, so please contribute (before I become super annoying).

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