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Buyers Beware: Facebook Now Owns Your Content

I am now back from Ann Arbor, and I realize that I am behind on my blogging (among other things like schoolwork, composing, and grading). But now that I'm back in town, am I going to talk about how arts funding isn't completely cut or that composers are predominately white and male? (BTW, the male to female ratio at the Midwest Composers Symposium was 3:1, if you're keeping score.)

No. I'm going to talk about Facebook. Yes, I know, but I'm serious about this.

As of February 4, 2009, Facebook changed their Terms of Service. How did I know this? The Swivet and Marketing Vox posted this on their blogs.

Would Facebook actually tell its users about this? Nope.

In general, any project that you post on Facebook, Facebook owns. This goes for musings about music. Program notes. Videos. Recordings. Anything that a composer (or music person or artist or photographer) might want to promote his/her work.

I have to admit, I'm a bit peeved about this. I like Facebook. Facebook has helped me keep in touch with my friends, bring hits to my website, and I actually got my first commission via Facebook (never underestimate the power of virtual friends).

I will still post photos and clips of my music, but trust me, I will not be posting everything. You're just going to have to check out my website instead.

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