cadillacs for microphones: bowling green

What did I do during my Fall Break a couple of weeks ago? Went on a road trip! I do enjoy road trips, and I thought it would be fun to combine my trip to both the 2012 Bowling Green New Music Festival and to my stint at the Ethos New Music Society's Overnight Composer Series at SUNY Fredonia.

Part One: Bowling Green New Music Festival

I probably had this program in my purse for a good two weeks.

Sadly, I could only stay for one day, but I made it just in time to catch up with Jonathan Sokol and hear his piece …these… for baritone saxophone and tuba. Yes, those two instruments.

And I saw a few players bow a harp.


And after I went back to my hotel room, graded some midterms, and had dinner at the Easystreet Cafe, I headed to the Clazel Theatre (BTW, the coolest place ever) and attended the Cold Blue Music Retrospective concert.

Same with this program.

I felt completely at home here. I was blown away by the venue, the performers (it was the first time I heard the JACK Quartet live), and the beauty and depth of all the pieces. I hope to make it back to this festival next year.


Stay tuned for Part two: SUNY Fredonia where I talk about meeting Rob Deemer (finally!), chatting with lots of comp students, and watching my Facebook wall explode all in the same day.

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