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cadillacs for microphones: fredonia

Part Two: Overnight Composer Series at SUNY Fredonia1

I couldn't stay out late at the Clazel Theatre the night before because (1) I was getting tired2 and (2) I had a long drive ahead in the morning to make it to my Overnight Composer Series gig at SUNY Fredonia. Look, Rob Deemer made a poster. (Hooray!)


8 a.m.

Woke up and saw there was a complimentary copy of the USA Today outside my hotel door. Yay, free newspaper! Too bad I didn't read it…was sucked into the interwebs.

11 a.m.

Was in the middle of attempting Princess Kate hair for the first time because I thought I should look nice for this for the Overnight Composer Series gig when my Blackberry started beeping like crazy, which meant that HOLY CRAZINESS THE COMPOSER INTERWEBS EXPLODED. Rob Deemer posted an article about me on NewMusicBox?! Um…whaaaaaaat!? So, I responded to Facebook and Twitter comments for the next half hour. Then I realized that I had to be on the road like, now-ish, and I also realized that I only put half the hot rollers in my hair. Oops. Time for a makeshift bun.

Here's what my drive looked like.

Okay, not really. I mean, isn't it illegal to take pictures of scenic routes with your cell phone while driving?

4 p.m.

I arrive at SUNY Fredonia and meet up with student composer Kate Parker. Instead of being polite and asking her things like, "How long have you been composing?" or "What inspires you," or "Cool haircut!" I blurt, "TAKE ME TO YOUR NEAREST STARBUCKS." Or something like that. (I dunno, it was a long drive.)

5 p.m.

While chatting with students, I finally meet Rob, assistant professor in the School of Music at SUNY Fredonia, blogger for NMBx and Sequenza21, and the guy who probably single-handedly gave me the biggest boost of my career.3

6 p.m.


8 p.m.

Rob, some of the composition students, and I went to Wing City Grille4 to hang and talk shop. I had some Wings & Rings for dinner.5


And…I finally got to sit down and chat with Rob. What a great guy. And how delightful is it to talk with a composer who loves teaching and writes about composing? Quite delightful. Cheers.


1. Not "Freedonia" of Marx Brothers' fame.

2. Old Jenn 1, Young Jenn 0. I've got to fix this.

3. Considering this article was reposted by ArtsJournal, tweeted by American Composers Forum, and mentioned in a Texas Public Radio blog, yes, I would deem this as composer WIN #10, also known as "The Best Composer Win Ever."

4. Yes, "grille" with an "e."

5. If you're so close to Buffalo, why not? And word got out that I like wings.

And here's a video recap of my trip.

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