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cadillacs for microphones: mtsu

So here is something I should have posted earlier—way earlier. I visited Middle Tennessee State University and lectured and joint-recitaled with my friend Spencer Lambright, a composer I met way back in 2008 at the Composer-Conductor program at Bard College's Conductor's Institute.

Do you want proof of this? Here's a picture.

Man, that picture is old.

I was quite excited to meet up with Spencer since he's an all-around good guy and a great orchestrator.

We had a good time merging our electro-accoustic offerings at both MTSU and OWU,1 and I met saxophonist Paula Van Goes, cellist Chrissy Kim (thanks for performing my piece!), and *I finally got to meet Dave Sartor!*

Press Play on tour!

And normally I'd post videos and pictures of my trip, but unfortunately the video files are happily tucked away in some messy pile I have growing on my academic work desk, so unfortunately, I have to procure those at a later time.

In the meantime, I will discuss one aspect of my trip—the Hot Brown Sandwich.

On my way to Murfreesboro I stopped in Louisville to partake of this tasty concoction. This sandwich is something that you'd expect to find on your road trip, except it is fancy. It was originated at the historic Brown Hotel, and when I drove up to the place, I thought Siri pulled one of those fast ones on me.

I felt a little underdressed entering the hotel, but thankfully the server put me at ease. "Are you here for the Hot Brown?" Yes'm.

After my first bite, I couldn't figure out why we Americans don't have this for Thanksgiving dinner. It has turkey (along with a smooth comforting Mornay sauce), Texas toast, bacon, tomato, Pecorino Romano cheese, and bacon. Considering this began as a late-night food, wouldn't this pair perfectly with football?

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Here's the recipe.


  1. Spencer and Paula took the trek up north to perform Delaware. Ohio.

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