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composer FAIL #10 part 2

Here's an update.

Well, thanks for letting me know who won. My friend Hermes Camacho also received the same rejection letter after making the first cut. Dorks.

(Note: NSFW WARNING AHEAD! NSFW WARNING AHEAD! Read at your own risk!)

On a lighter note, my sound art class was watching a movie about the sound sculptor Trimpin in the film Trimpin: The Sound of Invention. (We're not done watching the film, so please don't spoil the ending.)

Trimpin talks about all his rejection letters in one scene, and before you know it, you see him pulling up a manilla file folder with the words "FUCK YOU LETTERS." I guess we all deal with rejection in our own ways.

Here's an example of his work. (By the way, I think Trimpin is one of the coolest people on the planet.)

Hey, can we make something like this for gamers? Because I do suck at video games.

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