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composer FAIL #18

Wow, what a great couple of days at the Midwest Clinic. I heard The President's Own perform William Bolcom's"First Symphony for Band" (awesome), accidentally ran into Alex Shapiro working the BandQuest booth (!!!), and I finally got to meet John Mackey (it's about time), all while in Chicago and not completely freezing my bum off. I'll be writing about my observations and impressions in the next few posts, but first:

Thanks, Hermes. I do appreciate your telling me the reason why my piece didn't make it. "Flight 710 to Cabo San Lucas" is about 9 minutes long, so if they want to program other new works, I completely understand.

Of course, as my love pointed out, do you really want to know if your piece sucks?


On a side note, John Mackey doesn't think I can make my goal of 30 rejection letters before I turn 30. Ha! Can I do it? Can I?

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