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composer FAIL #19

Maybe I sound like an bratty young composer, but I am now flat-out umbrageous when I receive a rejection letter via regular post. This wastes resources (in more ways than one), is unsustainable, AND further squanders my time because I have to trek to my office so I can scan this bloody thing. (I did have to trek to the office anyway so I could concoct a syllabus, but still.)

Congrats to Colin Holter, by the way.

I could sound a little more bitter about this, but I know there are true young composer (and not-so-young composer) champions out there, like Lynn Job. Read her boycott.


Stay tuned for next installments of the composer FAIL series: Will I achieve 30 before 30? And, will the rejection letters increase when I start (gasp!) applying for academic jobs in a few days? We will soon find out.

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