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composer FAIL #19b

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

What's with this faulty numbering system, you ask? Well, because of this composer WIN, I actually did not make composer FAIL #20 (or even #30). Of course, how long can these composer WINs really last?

Congrats to David Smooke, a composer who created the coolest Facebook group of all time called "Yes, if you leave the Tam-Tam in the in the hall I play it every time I walk by it."


Also, you may have noticed that I did not quite reach my goal of 30 composer FAILs by 30. John Mackey suggested I start submitting pieces to him so he can "fail to look at them" and instantly reject me (for $50/submission), but I never took him up on his offer.

So...I'm going to cheat a little and say that I can still accumulate 30 rejection letters while I'm 30. These things take time.

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