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composer FAIL #44

It's time to come back down to earth, huh.

We all knew this was coming; however, there is a bright side: I don't have to write a string quartet. In fact, I can continue to write the opera I started over a year ago—once I'm done with the orchestra piece. (So close…so close…)

Also, I do have a couple of performances this weekend. If you happen to be in Vermillion, South Dakota on Friday or Ottawa, Ontario on Monday, be sure to check out the University of South Dakota's 60/60 Recital* and/or** the Ottawa New Music 60x60 Project.


*This is the piece I wrote on my birthday, and I'm dubbing this Composer WIN #7.

**AND/OR?!?! I can't even fly across the country to attend both. Yes, this makes me sad.

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