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composer FAIL #46

In mid-June, my graduate funding officially ends. I knew the time would come, although I can't complain—CCM has been quite financially supportive during my five years here. It's time for me to move on; the parents are kicking me out.

So, over the last two months I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to support the Jolley family unit (Love plus two cats) without the financial aid next year. Lately I've applied to some summer grants and jobs.‡

Have I applied to every single summer grant and job? You betcha.

I got rejected from an internship?! My…fifth choice of funding? I have to be honest: I was offered an exciting (funded) opportunity this summer (I can't announce it yet), but this means I can't take the internship. Or, in other words, I was going to turn them down.

I texted my Love about this yesterday.

ME: I got rejected from Cincy Opera's internship. LOVE: You would have rejected them anyway. ME: Truuuuuuue, but that's not the point. LOVE: It's kind of like when your girl/boyfriend breaks up with you when you were already going to break up with them anyway.

So, now I have a rejection letter to share, and an excuse to post a picture of Balenchine and his cat.

‡I haven't had a teaching assistantship stipend during the summer for the past four years. Lack of classes to teach=no funding. I'm sure all of my past and present graduate school colleagues feel my pain.

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