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composer FAIL #70

I feel like there are many weeks where I don't exactly know what I'm going to talk about on my blog, or worse—when I know exactly what I want to talk about but I don't. have. any. freaking. time. to take the gray matter from my white-noise-filled brain and translate it into decent prose.

Like, this week I think I finally came up with a decent idea for a piece, and it's going to be about the Interstate Highway System, and movements are going to be titled after specific routes, and I realized *I drive the (I-)711 all the freaking time* from Exit 3 to Exit 104B (or starting from Exit 8B) and it's flat and boring and lonely, and how on earth am I supposed to take my flat, boring, and lonely drive and make it all rosy and lovable for everyone to read?

And then I figured out that holy cow, I think I've driven almost the entire 71!2 I started in Louisville (when traveling from Murfreesboro, TN) and traveled as far north as almost-Cleveland.

WOW. I need to complete this Interstate! I am so close to doing so! Maybe I should drive to Cleveland!

And then I see this rejection letter and think, thank goodness—I really don't have time to write a blog post.

Or drive to Cleveland.


1. If you're wondering if I actually do have a Californian accent, I do: I never say the "I" before the interstate route. Why? Why bother, I ask.

2. Obviously not in one sitting.

3. Yes, I know that basing a piece on the Internet Highway System has been totally done before. I get that. I'm still working on it.

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