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composer FAIL #77

Ah, it has been a while, hasn't it? I actually have three (I think?) more rejection letters in my inbox, and I thought maybe I should attend to those. In the meantime I did enjoy a fantastic trip to Texas (more on that later!) where Spielzeug Straßenbahn was finally premiered, and I wrapped up a piece for Miller Asbill and Brevard College, so that piece will also finally happen! (We've discussed it for over a year.)

Anyway, the rejection letter awaits.

Well, this one was frustrating. The requirements involved a cover letter, proof of US citizenship, a resume, three professional references, an award recognition list (because we all know awards beget more awards), a composition list, three scores from the past three years, and $50. Did I mention that this award only opens up every three years and you must be under forty to apply?

Currently I'm thirty-three years old. In three years, I'll be thirty-six. I guess I still have some time left.

I was kind of hoping they'd list how many people applied. They mentioned this on their website.

Over eighty. Okay. Sigh.


In other news, I will be writing posts for NewMusicBox FOR REALZ!!! Look out for my posts every Thursday during April. This is far better than, oh, pathetically pining that they would mention my birthday once a year…

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