composer FAIL #8

Oh Nathan Fillion, I understand your pain. On his Twitter account he wrote, "Wow. All done at Emmys. It was an honor just to be nominated. Oh. Wait. Rats." (Wait a second, Nathan, aren't you Canadian? Shouldn't it be "honour"?)

While I was watching the Emmys on Sunday, (which, by the way, convinced me that I should be watching television at this very moment) I was wondering when my next rejection letter would arrive in my inbox. Be careful what you wish for.

Here is the latest one.

I can't remember if I used a pseudonym for this specific competition, but I do remember a couple of months ago I used the pseudonym "Captain Hammer" for a composer competition because I thought it was the manliest-sounding pseudonym ever. Has this worked so far? Apparently not. Do pseudonyms make a difference? I don't know. For the next three competitions I'm entering by September 15, (why am I still doing this?!) I think I'll go with "MR. F." (The Academy would be happy that I'm referencing Emmy-nominated programming.)

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