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composer FAIL #86

This rejection has been sitting in my inbox for about a month (unlike the others that have been sitting in Blogger Draft Limbo), and I'm sure you've received this one too.


(Seriously. It's so hot right now.)

But, that's okay. If I had to take yet another week off from my academic engagement, my department head would probably stop making eye contact with me. Instead, I'm coming at you, Vermont.

Dennis Báthory Kitsz took this photo.People have asked if I'm getting excited about my trip. Yes, I'm excited, but I'm also excitedly nervous since I'm having this big-ish premiere and I hope everything turns out okay.

(Oh yes. And especially since Jaime Laredo will be conducting my work.)

So, before my trip, I thought I'd share with you the story of how I met both Jaime Laredo and Sharon Robinson in person at the Cincinnati Symphony.

They are both lovely people, which is fortuitous since I am the most awkward person.

Me: Hi…I wanted to introduce myself quickly since there are many others here to see you both tonight. My name is Jennifer Jolley, and I thought I'd introduce myself because I'll be writing for the Vermont Symphony Orchestra…
Sharon: Oh! So, you'll be writing program notes for the symphony!
Me: No…um…I'm a composer, so I'll be writing a piece for the Vermont Symphony Orchestra…
Sharon and/or Jaime: OH! You're writing a piece for the Symphony!
Jaime: Is this part of the Made in Vermont Series?
Me: Yes!

Thank GOD they are the nicest people.

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