composer FAILS #53 and #54, BUT…

This may be the strangest and yet most exciting post ever on my blog. Why am I excited? Well, I posted this darling picture of a calico kitten. How can you *not* like this picture? It may even inspire you to write that 500-word essay you've been postponing all summer.

But first I must share my composer FAILs.

Eh, I'm totally okay with this.


Whoa there. I'm not Dr. Jolley yet. I'm barely A.B.D., which brings me to my next topic…

I absolutely have to graduate now and quickly because HOLY COW I received two job offers! YES! TWO! One was to teach theory and composition at Central Washington University, the other was to teach the same subjects at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Long story short (because I only had a few days to quickly make a life-changing decision), I am THRILLED to officially announce that I will be joining the faculty of Ohio Wesleyan University as Assistant Professor in Music for the 2012–2013 academic year. I seriously can't wait to work with the composition majors in developing their skills, building their camaraderie, and growing the department.


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