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composer FAILs #62 & #63

What better way to start my birthday the year with a couple of rejection letters I should have posted earlier. Actually, these two are not terribly soul-crushing because they do not contain the same wording most rejection letters normally have. See below.

I must confess I had been anticipating a traditional rejection letter from this establishment for the past few weeks, and then I realized that THIS is the rejection letter. I was confused: there were no "thanks for submitting your piece" or "we had a gazillion fine entries" or "unfortunately your piece was not selected" statements that are normally sprinkled across generic rejection templates.

So, I'm posting this. I'll let you know if a real rejection letter appears in my inbox anytime soon.

This next rejection letter actually gives me some hope.

Woot! A potential performance! Maybe! I'm just happy KK&BQ isn't dying after its premiere performance.

And, speaking of opera, N.A.N.O.Works is having their next production this Wednesday at Rohs Street Cafe called "Layover Overlay." Go!

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