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composer WIN #13

So yay, Krispy Kremes and Butter Queens was accepted into a festival! I think this is a first!

I'm excited that I'm on the same bill as Veronica Krausas (who was a grad student at USC when I was an undergrad there) and Charles Halka, which, coincidentally enough, is an opera that NANOWorks has premiered and produced. In fact, I may chime in and state that NANOWorks has produced two of the short operas that New Fangled Opera will have as part of their festival, which will take place June 7th and 8th in New Orleans.

(Can I also give a shout-out to Chris and Shelley Burton for founding a new opera company in New Orleans dedicated to performing and producing new works?! Rock on.)

The only bad news is that I cannot make this performance because NANOWorks will be producing something at the same time. I am not allowed to announce anything yet, but I will keep you posted. (Oh, and I'm missing a trip to NOLA.)

And speaking of NANOWorks, our first full-evening production compiled of short new operas twenty-five minutes or less will be taking place on May 3rd and 4th. The program includes a regional premiere of Douglas Pew's new opera A Game of Hearts, Halka's "Layover," as well as a couple more treats and surprises. Tickets are now on sale.

Click here for tickets to the May 3rd show (Terrace Park).

Click here for tickets to the May 4th show (Cincinnati).

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