composer WIN #2

I think grants should be included in this category, especially since I've been annoying my office mates with my cartwheeling down the hall. (Not literally, of course. Don't be silly.)

I asked for funding to purchase 12 toy tape recorders:

“Press Play” is an audience interactive sound installation using audio tape, percussion, toy instruments and children’s tape players. The project is to orchestrate a previously-composed fugue (the 6-voice Ricercar from Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Musical Offering) for basic child friendly instruments, record the individual parts to tape and give interspersed audience members playback devices with the six different parts (or voices) on tape. On cue, each audience member with a tape player will “Press Play,” and the fugue will unfold around them, creating the effect for the audience members of being a part of a complete musical ensemble. By using primarily children’s instruments and high timbred percussion instruments like the glockenspiel, as well as vintage children’s tape playback devices, the project will also reconnect the audience to their more creative selves, awakening slumbering memories of their very first musical discoveries.

So now you know what I've been working on, and why I've been posting strange and creepy videos of the fugal subject and writing about toy tape recorders. Also, this award is especially exciting because I was completely rejected by another grant that was due the same day.

Anyway, it's time for me to visit Ebay and start collecting.

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