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composer WIN #6, baby

That's not butter, it's mayonnaise. Grosssssssss.

Well, hot damn. After pulling an all-nighter (I rarely do them, I swear), my librettist Vynnie Meli and I wrote a pretty funny opera entitled Krispy Kremes and Butter Queens in twelve hours. Holy Cow. We did it. And then we submitted our somewhat complete opera about Paula Deen trying to get into heaven (complete with an aria about butter) to the stage and music directors, Michael Nutter and Paul Tate,* who completely got our story idea and coached the singers** (Christine Lyons as a most magnificent Paula Deen; Sondra Collins and John Elliot Yates and hilarious cooking assistants/angels) and produced (along with stage manager Rebecca Yan) the winner (and audience favorite!) of The Atlanta Opera's 24-Hour Opera Project.

Thanks, guys. We rocked.

For those who missed it, here's the video of the performance. Enjoy!

*Mr. Tate added tiny genius musical ideas in the score (since I may have left out stage directions and, oh, DYNAMICS) that I swear added another half-hour to my tiny compositional window.

**They were OFF BOOK. They had the opera completely memorized. I am amazed: they were that dedicated.

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