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composer WIN #7

So, remember how I mentioned on one of my composer FAIL posts that I was offered an exciting funded opportunity this summer and I wasn't able to announce it yet? Now I can.

Since I was not allowed to apply for the University of Cincinnati's Dissertation Completion Fellowship award due to the fact that I was earning a D.M.A., not a Ph.D.,1 this award will help me complete my dissertation.

I will be studying opera with Michael Ching with this grant, and I will be able to research comedic opera and do fun things like go to performances of Ching's work and attend the Opera America 2012 Conference in Philadelphia.2



1. Yes, no thanks to the Dean of the Graduate School, who believed that D.M.A. students don't do substantial research.

2. If you haven't noticed, the early bird registration fee is $495. My credit card is kind of burning a hole in my pocket right now.

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