Crunch Time & Advice to Young Composers

Okay. I have 18 days until Motordom (that's what I'm calling my wind ensemble piece) is due with parts. I have about 8 minutes of music written, 4 minutes of it is 80% orchestrated. It will be done, now that I don't have to deal with (ahem) classes or teaching. (On that note, I should probably submit grades to the registrar. Breathe.)

In the meantime (while you look at my subpatch from one of my computer music projects), here is an article from the New York Times written by Annie Gosfield listing her advice to young composers.

This series is part of The Score, which is part of the Opinionator Blog on the NY Times website. I'm not exactly sure how this blog works. The Opinionator Blog has "exclusive online commentary from the Times," and in The Score, "...composers discuss their work and the issues involved in creating music in the 21st century, as a traditional notion of 'classical' continues to be reconsidered, revised, rejected and reimagined."

I thought this would be a cool RSS feed to link, but when I do, the entire Opinionator Blog RSS is listed, including the latest post relating to professional basketball. I have listed it in the "How I Waste My Time Section" just in case the occasional new music post surfaces.

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