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drei brücken text

Drei Brücken, the choral piece that was commissioned by the Contemporary Arts Center, premieres tomorrow with Christopher Eanes conducting. Yes, tomorrow. I can't believe I wrote this piece so quickly.1 Fortunately, I've been working with a wonderful librettist over the past ten years who was able to create a concept for this piece in mere hours.

As I mentioned before, this piece will depict Cincinnati's past, present, and future via the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, the current Brent Spence Bridge, and the future Brent Spence Bridge. Here's the text (by Kendall A.)

Roebling This industrial churn, the motor’s low growl calls out to those, buried beneath the fold, calls out to those not working to pick up your tools to move your hands to carve a beacon, to release the fire from the coal. Juncta Juvant. Brent Spence 1 Here flows These battles to determine who’s most oppressed render us all functionally obsolete. We don’t need sympathy, the river below while we we don’t need empathy, we need spans stretching between us and pavement that doesn’t crumble beneath our feet. stagnate above Brent Spence 2 Those glittering lights obscured by river’s fog transmit but don’t receive from this opposing shore. Remember Rankin’s hill, remember to light the lamp, remember to open ‘freedom’s path, remember, please, to listen for unsilenced voices seeking their way in.

And here's what it looks like.

This kind of looks like two land masses plus a bridge, don't you think?2


1. My emails imply that I started this project on July 20 and sent a final draft to the conductor on August 6. I think that's a little over two weeks.

2. My Microsoft Paint skills will never cease to amaze me.

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