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End-of-Year/Decade Lists

I didn't compile my "Best of 2009" or "Best of Decade" list for this blog, but I thought I'd compile some of these lists here.

NPR's Hitting The Sweet Spot: Best Classical of 2009 - I didn't think there would be any mention of new music here, but there is: Chen Yi's Sound of the Five is listed.

Sequenza21 Best of the Decade - Here Jerry Bowles has a teaser list of his best of the decade, and others have chimed in.

The 25 Best Albums of the Decade by americansongwriter - In my quest to be cooler than I really am, I'm proud to report I have one of these albums. I also want to check out Wilco: I hear they're a pretty cool band, and Glenn Kotche has been up to some pretty cool stuff. I first saw Glenn Kotche at Cincinnati's Music NOW festival in 2008 where he and the BoaC All-Stars probably played the best version of Andriessen's Worker's Union I'll ever hear.

Several Nonesuch Artists Make Year and Decade's Best Lists from Wall Street Journal, Sunday Times, Time Out, WNYC - Yes, this may seem a little promotional, but it compiles all of these decade's best lists onto one page. And I like Nonesuch records.

The 12 Best Music Books of the Decade (2000 - 2009) by - Lists Alex Ross's The Rest Is Noise: Listening To the 20th Century (2007).

The Decade Belongs to John Adams, Says Washington Post's Anne Midgette - Not a list, but are we surprised?

Best of the Decade: The Front Row: The New Yorker - Okay, I think I'm starting to get off track and I should probably stop. But The Darjeeling Limited? I'm not saying this film was bad, but wasn't The Royal Tennenbaums a better film? I thought so. In the meantime, Fantastic Mr. Fox, anyone?

P.S. On a personal note, I realized I have been composing seriously for the past 10 years.

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