excerpt of the bubble

Before I start, I wanted to give a shout-out to Spencer Lambright, Chrissy Kim, Paula Van Goes, Nancy Gamso, and volunteer performers (for the "Press Play" piece) at the Middle Tennessee State University and Ohio Wesleyan University concerts on Wednesday and Saturday. What a fun crazy electronic music show! I can't thank all of you guys enough! (And for those who missed out, hopefully I'll have video of the show posted soon.)

And, before I show you said video of said excerpt ofTHE BUBBLE, I also wanted to put in a plug about the Performance and Time Arts April Fundraising Extravaganza. I mean, this show will be off the hook, and Kari Olson will be adding movement to "Ticket Punch" of Speilzeug Straßenbahn fame. (Who am I kidding? This piece isn't famous. Yet.) Advance tickets (or in other words, cheaper tickets) are available by clicking here.

So, here is the first scene of THE BUBBLE, which was workshopped at the Performance and Time Arts Series on March 9, 2013. Dashiell Waterbury as THE DEAN, M. Andrew Jones as THE BANKER, and Karen Wissel Shiota as THE DITZ. THE BUBBLE will be a 25 minute opera by NANOWorks founders Kendall A and Jennifer Jolley about the build-up of the U.S. housing market before its devastating collapse. In it, a college co-ed called simply "The Ditz" —an unspoken role played by a dancer—literally stumbles into the purchase of a house with nothing more than her student loan money. The four supporting male singers represent various parts of the easy lending establishment that created the bubble, and become a sort of bankershop quartet as the dancer's character, gets put through their paces. The comedy is ribald (a metaphor for the base, unthinking greed of the times) and meant to be reminiscent of Vaudeville or silent film era slapstick. With Tyler Catlin, music director; Liz Remizowski, piano maven.


And…speaking of opera…have you purchased your early-bird tickets for a HUGE NANOWorks production coming up May 3rd and 4th? (Because on April 27th, prices go up.) There are a few more treats and surprises. (In other words, it's my way of saying, "There's always money in the banana stand." Well, I guess I really don't have money in the banana stand (nor do I have a banana stand), but there will be a surprise.)

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