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first glimpse into new opera

I know what you're thinking—whatever happened to the event at the Contemporary Arts Center? Well, it did happen, and now I have videos to prove it! I'm slowly posting them up because I haven't had much down time between my teaching gigs and composing, but here they are. And to start us off, I'm showing you the world-premiere performance of one of my arias I've written for my opera.

Are you excited? I certainly am. Here is Kelly Ballou singing "A Woman of Stature," an aria from my opera Building a Better Joshua. Based on a short story by librettist Kendall A, this opera is a comedic near future science fiction retelling in two acts of the Narcissus myth, in which a woman decides to clone her husband for an upgrade, only to suffer the consequences when the old version falls in love with the new. Enjoy!

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