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Flight to Music10 Purchased

I finally booked my flight from CVG to GVA for Music10. I thought about flying into FRA, but prices ended up being the same. Fortunately we spent a little under $1300. We will spend an extra day in Geneva, but there are youth hostels available.

This wasn't without hassle. My friend Rebecca and I thought we found our perfect itinerary on only to find out that the returning flight we wanted was no longer available. (We discovered this after talking to an agent. Grrr...)

Anyway, the flights are booked. My only worry is that we have to catch a 7:30 AM flight out of GVA on Monday morning (July 5).

Also, this will be the first time I am celebrating Independence Day outside of the States. Sad.

Next attempt: flight to OMA! Still on the fence about booking my ticket there too.

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