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Follow-up: Cause for Concern?

This is a follow-up on a previous post that discussed Alex Ross's concern for dwindling orchestra attendance. Mr. Ross's post was actually a teaser for the more substantial article that was published in the New Yorker on February 8.

There he writes about his experience at (Le) Poisson Rouge, a place where classical music is performed in a "jazz-club space." His reaction? Maybe he didn't like eating noisy nachos while listening to Hilary Hahn's performance of the Bach's Chaconne in D Minor, but he did point out that Le Poisson Rouge "has set in motion a brave experiment, from which mainstream organizations have much to learn." You're telling me. Has anyone attended a concert here? Please comment; I would like to know about your experience.

Also on this note, *please* check out Greg Sandow's blog on the future of classical music. He too believes classical music needs to change or else it's dead.

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