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gamma-ut and turanga leela

Again, if you're in Austin, you should swing by the Gamma-UT Festival concert and hear a performance of "Flight 710 to Cabo San Lucas" with Joanna Martin, flute; Kyle Wehrman, cello; Joel Love, piano; and Hermes Camacho, conductor. 7:30 PM CDT, free.

Do you know what's cool? If you're not in town, you can see this online live. (Yes, I told my dad about it. Hopefully it will work out for him.)

Or, if you're in Cincinnati, you could hear the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra perform the Turangalîla Symphony.

Sadly I'm missing this. I have never heard this piece performed live, unless you count the time a few days ago where I sat in on rehearsal and discovered that the ondes martenot was initially lost in transit.


Pictures of my Austin trip will be posted soon, including my trip to the LBJ Library and Museum and quite possibly a picture of a doughnut as big as my head. (I'm in TEXAS; what were you expecting?)

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