get your ass to mars (2011)

I was asked to write a piece for CS13's fundraiser "COLLIDE-O-SCOPE: An Evening Of Film/Music Mash-ups," which had a sci-fi/"it's okay to throw in The NeverEnding Story because it's a cool 80s movie" theme.

I picked sound clips from "Total Recall" and glitched them so that you couldn't remember what was being said, because this is a film about memory right? Are these memories real, or are they...implanted?

Or is this film about a guy who wants to leave his wife and bang his Mars mistress? AND quite possibly her three-boobed friend?

get your ass to mars by jenniferjolley

This is a work in progress. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. (By the way, the Spanish title of "Total Recall" is "El vengador del futuro.")

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