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highlights from pasic

I had this trip planned out: I would teach Thursday, eat lunch, pack, pick up the rental car, then drive to PASIC for the first time and see what's up. And then I'd eat at The Tamale Place, a place I've been wanting to try for years.

Unfortunately the rental car place had suffered from two accidents the day before, so they were short on cars and told me I wouldn't have a vehicle until 5 p.m. that day. Not cool.

So, long story short, I drove my own car (sans satellite radio) to Indianapolis in record time to catch the Innovations in Multiple Percussion Solo session. This was my favorite session at PASIC; here's what I heard.

Here is Allen Otte performing "Touch and Go, computer graphic for solo percussionist." I barely made it in time for this performance, and it was totally worth it.

And Ayano Kataoka performing "Rebonds."

(Dear Vic Firth Percussion, your multiple snare drum lick at the end of this preview just killed it for me.)

And here's John Lane performing "Nana and Victorio."

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