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how your ipod can make you smarter (part iii)

I may have written silly posts over a year ago on how your ipod can make you smarter. Now it absolutely has to: I need to study for the odious music history qualifying exam. Fortunately, I was able to obtain a DVD of many snippets of pieces I should know. I was about to transfer these mp3 files onto my iTunes application, but then I realized I lost my ipod in Colorado. This loss was a bit devastating; it still is. How could I lose it? Why did I leave it in a hotel room drawer? How was I so stupid to misplace it? And the sad thing is, I grew attached to it. (Yes, it's pathetic to grow attached to inanimate objects.) The last time I had my ipod, I used it to tell time (my cell phone didn't work in Switzerland or during my camping trip in Colorado) and listen to David Bowie tunes. At first I couldn't decide between an ipod nano or an ipod touch, especially because you can run iphone applications on the ipod touch. (The NumPad 3.0 and iRTcmix for iphone specifically come to mind. I mean, there's an iphone orchestra, for crying out loud.) Ultimately I went with the ipod nano because it has radio and therefore I could feed my NPR junkie habit. I would also be able to shoot video. Of what, you ask? I'm not sure. I'm just bummed Contexture Design ran out of 45 Nano Cases.

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