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I hate titles

I’m going to attempt the whole blog thing again because I was told that it drives traffic to your site. So, I’m hoping for one of two things to happen (or at least preferably both things).

I hope this blog doesn’t suck. A life of a composer can be pretty boring. And quite socially inept.

I also hope that my internet connection will be fixed by Tuesday. Actually, as I write this (and procrastinate further from writing more music), I have no access to the internet because my router does not work. Which means that I either have to connect an ethernet cable to my modem or I have to stare at the lame Mac iWeb filler picture of a young couple in a coffee shop looking at a magazine that looks so über-cool.

Anyway, back to the original topic: why I hate titles. Actually, I don’t really hate them, but I hate coming up with them. The last title I came up with for my orchestra piece, “All Grief Empty, the Clear Night Passes,” seems a little long, and it’s a bit of a stretch when I explain the reasons behind my piece. (For those who don’t know, it came from a line of a poem by Tu Fu, an ancient Chinese poet.) Frankly, this title sounds like a downer. Story of my life perhaps?

Currently I am writing a piece (and still writing a piece!) for a woodwind trio (flute, clarinet, bassoon) and I think I have an idea for a title, but it again sounds long. Très long. So long, and to top that off, it is in French. Medieval French. Some people may think that a long medieval French title might compensate for what the composer is trying to accomplish, which in this case, is a completed piece.

What is even more pathetic is that I’m using a title of a medieval piece that I was REQUIRED to listen to in my music history class. This is bad, especially because my friends are developing not-so-fond memories of this class that they are currently taking. In fact, they want it over as soon as possible. Furthermore, because my knowledge of medieval French is lacking (not that my modern French is ANY better), I may accidentally make a grammatical error.

Do I abandon this idea? Either way, I am stuck. Back to composing.

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