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I'm finally back in town now after a thirty-two hour stay in NYC. (Due to time constraints, my only sightseeing excursions were visiting Penn Station and walking up 6th Ave.) I have lots of updates to post, including the MATA/MMNY Make Music Winter Workshop with Phil Kline AND videos of my recital, but first I need your help.

I have been asked to give a concert of my works at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center July 4th weekend. It is titled, "They Came...from the FUTURE!!!"


(As a joke, composer and CCM alum David Sartor composed this theme song when he heard about my concert. I'm going to dub this as the coolest introduction to a new-music fundraising campaign EVER. David, you rock.)


As you probably know, producing a concert costs money, and it is necessary to financially support those who perform new music. Most of the funding needed for this concert will go to funding my players, since I know that new music cannot exist without performers' willingness to play new music.

I can't emphasize this enough. Our music will die if it is not supported, and it will certainly perish if no players perform our music.

Please support them. For this campaign, I am asking for $2000, which will cover one third of the estimated costs. (A detailed description of where funding will go is covered here.)

With our powers combined, this is easily doable. For example, if all my Facebook friends contributed $10 (only $10!), I will make this goal. My players will be supported, and you can write off $10 as a tax-deductible contribution. That's right—this project is fiscally sponsored.

I have seventeen more days to raise $2000. This can be done! Do it for the performers who support new music! If my goal is not supported, they starve.

Or, I'll put it to you this way: I will not stop talking about my campaign until I reach my goal. (If you thought the NPR fundraising campaign was annoying...)

So, follow David Sartor's lead and contribute to the campaign. (He actually made a financial contribution, not just a musical one.)

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