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it has been ten years

It has been almost ten years since the September 11 attacks occurred, and already tribute concerts and albums are starting to take shape. As someone who was living on the West Coast at the time, I can only see and hear what New Yorkers have experienced.

One such concert is Eleonor Sandresky and Daniel Felsenfeld's marathon Music After concert.

"'Music After' is a marathon concert, co-produced by composers Eleonor Sandresky and Daniel Felsenfeld, to take place on September 11, 2011, commencing at 9:18am and finishing after midnight. Composers who lived or were housed downtown on that day a decade prior will be represented. It will be a concert that will demonstrate, with an appropriately-long arc, not only the sheer number of composers who were immediately affected but also the fact that, ten years on, they are still here, still doing what they do. Beyond that, it will be a free, casual, un-sanctimonious place where the music community en masse, and anyone else who wants to join us, can go—to meet, to think, to listen. The day will be about Music—speech-making and memorializing will happen elsewhere and by others. On September 11, 2001, Daniel Felsenfeld was a few blocks from the World Trade Center, looking after the apartment of Eleonor Sandresky, who was on tour with the Philip Glass Ensemble in Brazil. Both of them—like all of the composers featured—were forever changed. It was for this reason that they both decided to produce this concert, a gift to (and from) the city."

I wish I could go to this touching and powerful concert, but chances are, I won't be able to. Instead, you can contribute to their IndieGoGo campaign. Funding will cover rentals for the concert (sound system, piano, music stands, etc.) and catering. [Important Update: The bulk of the funding will go to pay the fifty or so performers who will play that very long day.]

Please contribute and attend if you can. Thanks.

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