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It has been ten years…

…since I moved far, far away from my hometown of Los Angeles (county), explaining to my parents that I was moving to Vermont (and notVermont Avenue like they were hoping) to do things like assemble a few part-time musical (and nonmusical) jobs and experience snow for the first time. Now I'm back here to research my upcoming Honeymooner's-style sitcom opera about Ron and Nancy Reagan by visiting The Shrine of Trickledown (1) and swinging by the Warner Bros. Archives at USC.

I've only been back a few hours, and city hasn't changed much. There are more train stations, there is still a downtown, and all my favorite places still have their parking spaces.

And now I live in Ohio. I've lived there for the past six years, and now that this trip to Los Angeles truly feels like a visit, I'm wondering if I morphed into a Midwesterner.

I suppose being a Midwestern composer isn't so bad…


1. Hat tip to Stephen Hartke; I am certainly not witty enough to invent a nickname like that.

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