le monde de la procrastination

There it is: the orchestra board that lists my untitled future doom directly above Bruchner's magnum opus. Since this project was announced in March, I've successfully worked on two opera arias, completed a violin duo,studied for a music history qual that no longer exists (yes, I'm serious), and started adjuncting. So I've totally had lots of leftover time to work on my magnum opus.


Not that I haven't been trying—who says that score study can't be done during your twice-a-week, twenty-minutes-each-way commute? (Do you know what fits perfectly in that time frame? Ravel's La valse.) Or, why can't you cram all of your orchestral research during your two weeks off between semesters/quarters? (In my case, I've had to deal with both.)

So, while normal people have been overdosing on egg nog or cheesecake or See's Candies* or other holiday delicacies, my sketches now show the aftermath of gorging on Impressionist orchestral works and holiday tunes.**

But seriously, I have been doing some research for months. I thought maybe I should expand my piece "The Silent World," which has a bit of a sea-theme.

The Silent World (2010) by jenniferjolley

And then I remembered this ride from my childhood.

And I finally watched Jacques Consteau's Le Monde du Silence. If this film inspired Wes Anderson, why can't it inspire me?

The thing is, we live in the twenty-first century, and we can no longer romanticize our journey through liquid space, especially when we have footage of this.

Or even this.

I wonder how this piece will turn out, and I hope I complete it on schedule.


*How happy was this California girl when she saw a little See's Candies stand in my local Cincinnati mall? Unfortunately, they're not going to be back until next November, so I may have stock piled some gourmet lollypops.

**I'm not gonna lie: I polished off those food items too.

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