Lexical Tones Interview with Rob McClure

Rob McClure, composer

Recently I had an interview with Rob McClure, composer and now podcast host of Lexical Tones by ADJ*ective New Music. Considering we’ve never met in person, we had the most amazing first (Skype) conversation ever. It was a blast. Too bad he lives in China.

So, until we are in the same physical place at the same exact time meeting each other in person and having another grand conversation, please subscribe and listen to my interview with Rob. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.

[You’ve probably noticed that this blog post is not on Blogger.com. Or whycompose.com for that matter. Frankly, I’ve been disappointed with the design of my blog lately, so I thought a change of scenery would help. Maybe I’m paranoid. Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe the only change of scenery I need is to go outside and look at the scenery here. In other words, please let me know what you think.]

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