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long ride in a slow machine

Remember #BudgetClassical on Twitter, where people created low-budget versions of famous pieces?

I think one person suggested the title "Long Ride in a Slow Machine."

Um, I wrote that piece. Seriously.

As a freshman, I was given a rhythmic percussion assignment (we probably had to use metric modulation or something like that), and it had to be four minutes long. And I found a recording of it this weekend.

So, here is "Long Ride in a Slow Machine," written in 2000. (Notice it was written eleven years ago?! In fact, I'm too afraid to listen to it. Also, because this piece is so old, and because this wasn't actually performed in concert, I don't remember the names of my players. But they rock, whoever they are.)

Long Ride in a Slow Machine (2000) by jenniferjolley

Image by jered on Flickr, Creative Commons License v. 2.0

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